The Legend

In 1827, author Washington Irving (widely known for his story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) rode on horseback through the dusty roads of Spain to the ancient Moorish palace/fortress of the Alhambra.

The local folklore of magic gardens, exotic castles, beautiful princesses, and brave cavaliers inspired him to write Tales of the Alhambra. When he recounted his travels through romantic landscapes and richly textured legends, American audiences jumped in the saddle with him.

Irving introduced the Alhambra as a cultural crossroads where art, science, language, and culture once flourished; where anyone, in any era, could happen upon a transformative life experience.

Now, almost 200 years later, the Alhambra has again inspired artists to dream—this time of a world filled with enchantment and hope uniquely expressed as a musical fable centering on the life of a contemporary American family.